• Unforgettable Year 2014…

    Speech in “Mahayuticha MahaYelgaar” in Beed

    This was the 1st meeting of Mahayuti in Maharashtra before Loksabha elections and it was attended by all senior Mahayuti leaders. It was a massive meeting so was bit nervous initially as I was speaking for the first time with so many senior leaders on dais including my father. This meeting created good platform for my whirlwind Loksabha election campaign across Maharashtra.


    “Bhagwan Gadh” speech in Ahmednagar

    Even today I don’t know how I mustered energy to speak at this meeting. It was my first public meeting after Baba’s sudden demise. Every inch of Bhagwan Gadh was occupied by people who were eager to listen to me, what I am going to speak. The whole atmosphere was full of emotions and when I was speaking there was eerie silence among lacs of supporters. That unconditional support from millions gave me real strength to carry on Baba’s legacy and his work.


    Speech in “Sangharsh Yatra : Day 1”

    I wanted to thank everyone for their support and gratitude during the most difficult time we would have ever imagined post Baba’s sudden demise so with blessings from all, I took out “Sangharsh Yatra” from Sindkhed Raja – birthplace of Rajmata Jijabai. Sangharsh yatra rejuvenated every one and was instrumental in reaching out to millions across several districts of Maharashtra.


    Speech in “Sangharsh Yatra concluded” in Chaundi

    Sangharsh Yatra concluded in Chaundi in Ahmednagar – birthplace of Ahilyadevi Holkar. Meeting was attended by Hon. BJP President Amitji Shah and all senior leaders. Massive support for Sangharsh yatra was instrumental in assuring millions of Baba’s supporters that his social work will continue unabated forever…


    Mumbai Sabha (Murbaad, Ulhasnagar & Ghatkopar)

    During Maharashtra Assembly elections campaign, travelled across length and breadth of Maharashtra by every possible means of travel. Right from helicopter, aircraft to Mumbai’s local train..faced every possible weather conditions..at one place it was thundering rains and at next meet meeting place it was scorching heat.. Affection, love and support helped me survive all this !!


    Majha Maharashtra Majha Vision

    Huge responsibility of 4 major government departments, guardianship of Beed and Latur .. Devoting every minute to push things in every possible manner then be it women security, child malnutrition or water scarcity across hundreds of villages. Trying to put a self sustaining long term plan for such issues..This speech is My Vision for My Maharashtra.. for every women, farmer and every child.. As Hon. PM Shri Modi ji mentioned, we have to move away from ABCD (Avoid Bypass Confuse Delay) to ROAD (Responsibility Ownership Accountability Discipline).. Let me assure once again –
    “उतणार नाही, मातणार नाही, घेतला वसा टाकणार नाही!”


    2015 isn’t about the End. It is for New Beginnings, Peace and Hope. Hope for a Better Future and a Brighter Maharashtra. Here we come 2015!!!!